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    Elite Fence Company is a local coalition dedicated to making high quality workmanship and expertise accessible to all of our customers at competitive rates. Our business is built around our customers, and our partners are required to meet strict standards of customer service, and satisfaction before they are permitted to serve our customers. We value your time, and appreciate your interest!


     At Elite Fence Jacksonville we proudly offer the following services.

    • Free evaluation and offer
    • Fence installation
    • Fence Repair
    • Deck building

    Work done on time

    Quality Guaranteed

    Customer Satisfaction

    Free Evaluation, and Proposal

    If you have questions about your fence or deck, or you feel unsure if we can help, feel free to give us a call. We will send one of our highly trained technicians out to evaluate your situation, and offer you our best solution and price. If you don’t like our proposal then you have no obligation to accept it, and you won’t owe us a dime!

    At Elite Fence, we do not tolerate aggressive sales tactics or dishonest marketing and have no interest in striking a bargain that doesn’t benefit our customers. Count on it.

    Fence Installation

    Installing Fences is where our technicians excel. We may have hundreds of fences worth of installation experience, but we know that each job is different. The combination of the topography and surface type of the installation site with the specific material and style of the fence can present some unexpected challenges, but we pride our technicians on their ability to anticipate and solve problems before they can damage our customer’s interests. 

    Our Service information below is written to help homeowners understand and make educated decisions around what fence types can best serve their needs. Please feel free to browse!

    Fence Repair

    A well maintained fence can last over 15 years with the right care. Elite Fence experts are happy to tell you what that care is, and provide whatever services you need to keep your fence looking great for as long as possible!

    Fence repair can be a deceptively challenging task and is one place where our craftsman get to show off their creativity and skill. Knowing how and when to salvage damaged parts, or replace them with new ones enables us to return your fence to a brand new look that will last at price that might surprise you. It is often the case with repair jobs that hiring a professional can cost less than doing it yourself.

    Deck Building

    Building a deck requires much of the same expertise as building a fence. Thanks to this overlap, some of the technicians we hire for their fencing experience have more of a background in deck building than fencing. Rather than see their skills go to waste, we chose to offer deckbuilding services too. 

    At Elite Fence Jacksonville, we bring the same dedication to customer service and quality craftsmanship to our decks as we do to our fences. Weather you have an old deck that you need us to repair, or you want to build an entirely new deck to spruce up your living space, Elite Fence has you covered. 


    Service Information

    Wood Fence

    Wood Fences are easily some of the most beautiful fences on the market, but are expensive, and require more care than other options

    Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fences are a pragmatic design offering an efficient ratio of strength, and durability to price.

    Vinyl Fence

    Vinyl Fences provide a wide variety of aesthetically appealing options without the price or maintenance requirements of wood.

    Privacy Fence

    Privacy Fences come in a wide variety of materials and price points, and tend to value coverage over strength.

    Aluminum Fence

    Aluminum fences show off a balance of strength, durability, and style with very little maintenance required.

    Pool Fence

    Pool fences are a safe and responsible precaution that also look great!


    Decks can transform outdoor spaces, creating artistic or just downright useful additions to a house or yard.


    A friend of mine referred Elite Fence Company a while back for getting my fence fixed. They came out, and gave me a pretty good price on it, so I let them do the work, and they had it fixed before I knew it. They were polite, and did a good job, and I can't ask for much better than that, so now I use them if I need anything done with my fence.
    -Abigale Daniel
    I just had a fence installed in my backyard by Elite Fence. They did good work with the fence, and their service was great! I feel like they really care about me, and their work on my new fence speaks for itself.
    -Marcos Field
    I worked with Elite Fence before and had a pretty good experience, so when I decided to put a new deck in my back yard, I figured I'd give them a call. The people over at Elite Fence are downright helpful, and they built me a beautiful deck without me having to worry about it. They did everything I asked, and were really nice about it.
    -Andre Rivera


    It depends on how big you want the deck to be. Normally, it costs $20 to $50 per square foot. A standard deck has a 20′ x 14′ surface. Depending on labor and materials, it can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

    With COVID related supply chain difficulties, prices have become quite volatile. For the most accurate pricing information, you should let one of our expert technicians give you a quote!

    Pools can vary in size drastically, making it difficult to say without more information. Each square foot will cost you between $20 and $50 depending on the material you select. The price can also increase with the addition of complex artistic designs.

    With COVID related supply chain difficulties, prices have become quite volatile. For the most accurate pricing information, you should let one of our expert technicians give you a quote!

    While the price depends primarily on the material used, it generally ranges from $20 to $60 per linear foot. For hilly areas, this cost can jump up to $40 – $80 per linear foot.

    With COVID related supply chain difficulties, prices have become quite volatile. For the most accurate pricing information, you should let one of our expert technicians give you a quote!

    The height of fences are typically determined by the location and purpose they are meant to serve, but if you have something specific in mind, don’t be afraid to ask!

    • Front Yard Fence: 3 feet
    • Backyard Fence: 6 feet
    • Pool Fence: 4 feet
    • Security Fence: 8 feet
    • Trellis Panels: 1-2 feet

    A good quality fence that is installed and maintained correctly can look great stay strong for over 15 years.

    The strongest fences are made of steel, and are very heavy, and expensive to install. For domestic purposes, a well designed aluminum fence should be more than strong enough.

    It depends on the soil you are putting the fence on top of. If you have loose or sandy soil, then concrete is the optimal choice. If you have clay-rich or dense soil, gravel may be a better option.

    Certain types of wood are more susceptible to rot than others. If you are concerned about rot, then consider selecting redwood, cedar, juniper, or cypress instead of pine.

    Various designs use different distances depending on purpose, but most tend to stay around 8 feet as it strikes a good balance of cost and strength.

    At Elite Fence Jacksonville we appreciate your time and business! Feel free to ask us a question!