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At Elite Fence Company in Jacksonville Beach, we’re devoted to supplying outstanding craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. We’ve been providing our professional fencing services to the residents of Jacksonville Beach, FL as well as its neighboring areas for decades – a testament to how much our commitment towards excellence has enabled us to expand.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, our team specializes in the installation of fencing for any type of project. We’ll help you pick out the perfect option that best suits your needs and enhances both safety and value for your property – all while providing assistance with securing your business! With years of experience under our belt, we guarantee an unmatched level of expertise to bring out the finest results.

If you’re looking for fence installation in Jacksonville Beach, turn to Elite! We provide more than just wood privacy fencing. Our wide selection of materials and designs will suit your needs and preferences perfectly. Request a free estimate from us now to discover the perfect design that fits both your budget and style.

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    Privacy and Security Matter

    Elite Fence Company in Jacksonville Beach recognizes the need for barriers now more than ever. Installing a fence around your property can not only add protection and functionality, but also an aesthetically-pleasing touch – making it even more valuable!

    Privacy fencing can be a great addition to your lawn, adding visual interest and structural consistency. Not only do these fences provide aesthetic benefits, but they also offer much-needed sound insulation from loud noises around the neighborhood. With privacy fencing, you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or disruptive disturbances anymore!

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    Why Choose Our Fence Company?

    With so many fence companies to pick from, why should you choose Elite Fence Company in Jacksonville Beach? Here are some of the top reasons:

    • Drawing from our extensive years of experience in the fence industry, we are excited to offer expertise and guidance when it comes to finding the perfect fence that suits your needs. From intricate commercial projects all the way down to residential neighborhood fencing, we have done it all and take immense pride in every project. Contact us today for more information on how you can benefit!
    • Uncompromising Quality: Our fences are built with only the best materials. Even in the roughest of weathers, they will remain intact and last for many years to come!
    • Our customer service team is devoted to delivering extraordinary services. We are accessible 24/7, ready to answer queries and resolve any issues you may have.
    • Pocket-friendly Prices: Without breaking the bank, you can purchase a fence of your choice as all our fences are priced competitively.
    • With a bevy of fence designs to pick from, you can find what best matches your needs and desires – whether it’s the classic wood fencing or slick vinyl.

    With the variety of options we offer at our fence company – including quality, customer service, affordability and experience – take your first step towards completing your perfect fence project by getting in touch with us today. We are excited to help you bring your dream a reality!

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    When to repair or install a new fence:

    Are you a resident of Jacksonville Beach in need of new fencing? Look no further than Elite Fence! Our team is passionate about meeting and surpassing your expectations for any fencing service. We ensure that all projects are completed accurately, utilizing appropriate resources and expertise. If the following signs apply to you, don’t hesitate to call us:

    Elite's Fence Installation Services

    Investing in a fence installation is an advantageous home improvement project that can bring many benefits such as privacy, security, increased value and beauty to your property. If you have been considering installing a fence for these reasons or others, here are some tips to make the process easier.

    1. Planning ahead of your fence installation project is paramount to ensure a successful outcome. Decide on the ideal type of fencing, acquire any necessary permits and approve that it will only be placed upon your property line. If you live in an area with homeowners associations, getting permission may also be required for this task.
    2. Before you start your fence installation, it’s essential to prepare the area properly. This could involve removing any existing fencing and making sure that the ground is level – but don’t worry, our offer includes this step!
    3. Installing the posts is a crucial step in erecting your fence. This includes excavation of holes, as well as firmly placing each concrete post into its designated hole.
    4. Secure the fence panels: After setting up the posts, you can now affix your fence panels to them. Use brackets or screws for this process and any other necessary hardware needed.
    5. Finalizing the Project: When you’re done with installing your fence panels, you can make sure that everything looks amazing by capping off each post and adding a protective sealant. This will ensure that your fence continues to look stunning for years to come!

    Installing a fence can be an easy and rewarding task that brings many advantages to your business or residence. To guarantee success, plan ahead by preparing the area before beginning installation – follow these steps to ensure you get it right!

    Elite's Fence Services

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    Wood Fence

    From its natural beauty to versatility, wood fencing is an incredibly popular option among homeowners. Not only can it offer privacy and security while also increasing your home's value, but you can customize a wooden fence to fit any specific requirements as well! Are you after something more traditional? A picket fence may be perfect for you! Need complete seclusion from the outside world? A privacy fence will give exactly that plus much-needed peace of mind. Though regular maintenance such as staining or painting is needed over time, high-quality wood fences have been known to last many years - making them an excellent choice if you're looking for a touch of nature in addition to functionality.

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    Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fencing is the ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties due to its strength, affordability, low maintenance needs and versatility. This fence consists of interlocked metal wires in a diamond pattern that can easily be installed with custom colors or finishes. Furthermore, it only requires minimal upkeep; simply give it an occasional cleanse! One idea for chain link fencing material is to add privacy slats to the fence. These slats can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, wood, or metal and are inserted into the fence to block the view through the fence while still allowing airflow. Another idea is coating the steel wire with a weather-resistant and rust-proof material such as vinyl for increased durability and longevity.

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    Vinyl Fence

    Homeowners gravitate towards vinyl fencing as it is not only beautiful and aesthetically appealing, but also remarkably long-lasting and simple to keep up. Polyvinylchloride (PVC) production makes this type of fence especially durable in adverse weather conditions, while its availability in various designs like ranch style or privacy fences provides plenty of options for personalization. Thanks to being almost maintenance-free - a few washes are all you need for the entire year! - Vinyl fencing can make your property stand out from the rest with minimal effort on your part. Vinyl fencing is the perfect choice for anyone looking to install a durable, eye-catching fence. Not only does it boast remarkable strength and aesthetic appeal, but vinyl fencing also resists rot, insects and other common problems that may arise over time. With its unparalleled longevity, you can trust that your vinyl fence will last for years to come!

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    Privacy Fence

    Make your outdoor space completely private with a privacy fence! Homeowners have the option to select from various designs and materials, such as vinyl or wood. Privacy fencing is typically taller than other varieties of fences and includes panels or components that obstruct views from outside onlookers - perfect for anyone trying to find an exclusive backyard area.Privacy fencing not only ensures your peace-of-mind and security, but it also adds to the aesthetics of your property. Thus, homeowners who desire a higher level of privacy and safety can opt for installing privacy fences that will beautify their home while safeguarding them from potential intruders or harm.

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    Aluminum Fence

    Homeowners often opt for aluminum fencing due to its sturdiness and minimal upkeep. With a stunning look, this lightweight yet corrosion-resistant material is ideal for locations with harsh conditions or marine air. Ranging from privacy fences to picket and rail styles, you can find the perfect style of fence that most suits your needs! Installing and maintaining an aluminum fence is a breeze, making it the perfect choice for any home. Not only does aluminum fencing appear stunning, but it's also safe for people and nature alike – non-toxic and eco-friendly. When you opt in for an aluminum fence installation, you can rest assured that your property will be surrounded by strong security while looking its best!

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    Pool Fence

    Homeowners who have swimming pools face an enormous responsibility, as one wrong move can result in danger for any of their family members or pets. To combat this risk, installing a pool fence is not only mandated by most local building codes but also provides the ultimate security and peace of mind. With upgraded styles that come with aluminum and vinyl materials, pool fencing will not only boost your property's appearance and value but protect it from potential risks as well. Investing in quality pool fencing is undoubtedly essential to homeowners with swimming pools!

    Fencing Jacksonville Beach

    Elite Fence Company in Jacksonville Beach boasts a comprehensive selection of stylish and durable materials to choose from for your fencing project. Whether you opt for the timelessness of wood or go with something more modern like aluminum, adding an attractive fence to your home not only increases its value, but also enhances the beauty of your community.

    If you’re interested in enhancing the aesthetic of your Jacksonville Beach home, Elite Fence Company offers a comprehensive selection of fencing materials to choose from. Whether it’s an aluminum fence for longevity or a wood fence for style, their professionals can help you find the right option that will ensure satisfaction and create an eye-catching addition to your property.

    Elite Fence Company is the foremost choice for Jacksonville Beach’s fence contractors. Elite provides both creative fencing solutions and meticulous craftsmanship, making us the benchmark of quality in Jacksonville Beach. Look no further than Elite if you need reliable and efficient service! Contact us for a free estimate on your fencing project.

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