Repairing and replacing damaged fences

Adding a fence to your home can enhance its aesthetic appeal as well as provide privacy, security, and value to your property. With high-quality construction and proper maintenance with Fencing St. Augustine, treated wooden fences can last as long as 20 years. The only issue is that wood fences need routine maintenance to stay functional and attractive, and you have to decide whether to fix or replace them. Fence company St. Augustine’s fencing professionals suggest the following:


Repairing Fences

You should check your fence rails and posts for splits, bents, rust, bows, and rot every year. Ensure that you give attention to the place where your fence meets the ground. If you notice splits it is a natural process and not necessarily an indication of rot, but you should replace rotten wood and broken boards right away. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to reseal your fence every year Fence Repair St. Augustine, or whenever the wood begins to soak up water rather than beading.

Replacement of Fences

Wood fences that have been damaged by vehicles, falling trees, or pests need to be replaced. Among the other reasons for replacement are:

Rotting & Rusting

Even if you can replace a board that’s rotten or posts that have rust on them, your fence may need to be replaced if the entire thing is rotten or rust has eaten away parts of it with some help from Fence installation St. Augustine.

Leaning & Bends

One section of a fence that leans slightly can be repaired, but with years of extreme weather, your fence will lean, lose strength, and should be replaced.

Broken & missing boards

Wood can split due to freezing and thawing cycles and years of exposure to sunlight and rain. It is possible to replace one or two damaged boards, but if there are several, the entire fence should be replaced. And the same can happen if you’ve used another type of fence material but having it timely maintained by  Fence Repair St. Augustine is very much preferred.

Missing & Loose Fasteners

Over time, a few screws and nails may fall out, but if you find that a majority of your fasteners have been lost or have become loose, you may need to replace your fence.

Costly Repairs

It just makes more financial sense to invest in a new fence than to keep repairing the old one because it can cost a lot more than replacing your fence.

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Deck Builder St. Augustine helps create what you like

Deck Builder St. Augustine enjoys nothing more than assisting clients in designing the perfect yard for themselves. In addition to enhancing the living area and gathering area, this outdoor area is an enhancement to the living space. Ideally, your deck will complement the visual design, structure, and feel of your house. In order to function throughout the year, you should choose a simple material that can be easily maintained. Furthermore, it must be designed to stay well for years to come. So, contact Deck Builder St. Augustine now.

Fences and Small Children

Being a parent and raising kids means making sure your children are safe indoors and outdoors. You should feel confident letting your young child roam around your property and explore the wonders of being outdoors, like bug hunts, playing tag, and feeling free. You should consider the characteristics of the fencing material you choose before installing a fence so that you can sit back and relax while your children have fun.

Safe Options in fencing

Families with small children should consider vinyl or aluminum. Vinyl is great for securing a perimeter, but it’s also a smooth material that won’t break down over time and become a hazard. Vinyl is easy to maintain and clean as well since you just need to clean it occasionally with soap and water or rinse it with a little mixture of water and soap. The material is strong enough to resist weather and stand tall for many years in your backyard. Choosing an aluminum bench with smooth surfaces is also a good option when you’re viewing from a safe perspective and Fencing St. Augustine is there to walk you through everything. 

Fence company St. Augustine also provides materials like wood or wrought iron fences that are classic-looking, but those with small children should consider the material’s hazards. Children’s hands can get cut by splinters left behind by wood, and sharp edges can occur from wrought iron. Having our own in-house iron-welding facility, we are capable of customizing your fence and creating a safe and beautiful finish.

Tips for Fencing Maintenance:

Proactiveness is key

Do not wait for dirt and grime to become noticeable. Keeping your fence well-maintained will preserve its apparel for years to come. During the summer months, when rainfall is heavy and insects and other critters are out and about, you should hose down your fence at least once a month. You can clean difficult dirt patches on your fence with water and a gentle cleaning solution if you notice algae, mildew, or other growths. And with you not up to deal with these tasks Fence Repair St. Augustine can do all the maintenance needed and while we’re at it we go making all the minor repairs that are in order.

Immediately repairs are in order

Accidents can happen, even though most fences are extremely durable. A fence company in St. Augustine usually sees the most damage after a major storm or a harsh winter. In the event of high winds and freezing temperatures combined with rain, damage may occur, including cracked beams, damaged panels, or uprooted posts. Your fence needs to be repaired as soon as possible to preserve its integrity and to ensure your property’s security. All fences installed by Fence Company St. Augustine have emergency repairs performed by our team of experienced contractors if such a need arises. You don’t have to worry about damages resulting from all the services done hastily. We will help with any damage you might face later on.

Well-maintained fences last for a lot longer