A deck is perfect for outdoor entertainment

A deck is a good way to enhance your living area while also increasing the value of your property. Every deck project requires a number of design options. The price and durability of it will be affected by the wood, floorboards, beams, supports, and rails you choose. The framework and surface of your deck can be made out of many materials. Your deck’s design, appearance, care, and use will all be influenced by your selections.

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Whether you want a custom-built decking or a deck renewal, we can assist you in determining the best solution for your demands.  Installation of decks is a great way to extend your home’s living space to the outside while getting a solid return on your investment. It can only be done by an expert deck builder team. We are proud to offer our clients the most extensive selection of decking systems by partnering with only the best companies on the market.

 Our Deck builders can create the yard of your dreams.

Nothing brings us more joy than helping clients in designing their ideal yards.  It allows people to enhance their gathering and the living area outside their living area. The ideal deck should suit the visual design and structure of the property as well as your preferences, lifestyle, and needs. It should be composed of simple materials and be utilized all year if feasible. It must also be built to last for years and perform to the highest possible quality. So, contact Jacksonville’s best deck builder now.

What is the cost of constructing a deck?

The cost of it depends upon a number of criteria, including:

  • Project’s floor space
  • Dimensions of your proposed structure’s size, wide, and thickness
  • How complex is your design?
  • The materials you plan to utilize, as well as how much they will cost in your location.

The approximately average cost of constructing new decks ranges from $4,000 to $11,000. A basic deck will cost between $30 and $60 per square foot, including supplies and labor.

One of your first choices may be material type, and you have a few possibilities to pick from based on your budget and desired characteristics. 

Wood Decks

Pressure-treated wood is accepted as the industry standard for decking. Although a popular choice among residents, wood decks require annual upkeep to maintain their structural performance and aesthetic appeal. A wood decking should be coated and cleaned once a year to avoid splintering or cracking. Splintering wood is inconvenient and even risky to walk on, so if you choose wood decking, only hire a professional deck builder like Elite Fence. The type of wood you use impacts the cost of your decking. Exotic woods of high grade can quickly push up costs.

Composite Deck for your Property

Composite decking is another better option for decking material. Composite materials are manufactured from recycled polymers and leftovers of the wood industry. The amazing thing about composite decking is that it will never fade or crack. Furthermore, it lasts longer and requires far less upkeep and maintenance than traditional wood decking. Furthermore, composite decking is more eco-friendly than wood decks. For further queries, contact our experts.

Vinyl Decks

Vinyl decking is a decking material that has grown in popularity with the passage of time. Vinyl decks, like composite decking, are essentially maintenance-free. These vinyl decks don’t require deck staining or finishing beyond routine cleaning.

Pergola Design and Construction Services

Pergolas were designed for garden uses during the Latin period. It was famous for growing grapes and climbing plants. Pergolas are now commonly utilized to create shade. It can also be a decorative element in a garden or backyard. Some people use pergolas to enhance architectural styles. It can be built to provide a sense of height to a certain region by framing it. We developed efficient procedures for constructing a well-built pergola. Pergolas, we believe, are built to enhance the visual appeal or the usefulness of your outdoor patio. Contact our deck builders for further details.

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Best for your Pool

A stunning pool deck installation is a fantastic addition to your property. A pool decking can be used for enjoyment after a swim and as a BBQ area at the event. It increases the value of your home. Remodeling a pool from top to bottom can be time-consuming and costly. Simply replacing the pool deck can completely transform the pool’s appearance. The most frequent material used for pool decking is concrete. It’s inexpensive and lasts for years. 

Accessories for the Decks

To enhance your outdoor living environment, choose from a range of deck accessories:

  • You may love the scenery while protecting pests and insects by installing windows or screening walls around a covered deck.
  • Add a genuine wood or wireless router gas fireplace on cold days and nights to keep your home warm.
  • Add an open sun deck or concrete patio to your outdoor room to have the perfect blend.

A lighting system, a roof fan, and a TV can help you make your area more engaging!

Keep the look of your outdoor living space in good condition.

A fence and a porch can be an excellent addition to any home, whether it’s for relaxing with a good novel, meeting friends, or hosting a summer BBQ. Screened porches and rocking chairs will help you pass the time while watching the world go by. It should go without saying that most owners can expect screened porches to yield a 75 percent return on investment. Unfortunately, because the space is exposed to the weather, your fence and porch take the brunt of the damage when it storms, snowfalls, or gets windy. Fortunately, our deck builders provide expert porch repair for all of your outdoor living spaces.

The days it will take to construct a deck?

Most modest decks may be constructed in a matter of days. The structure of decking for your project could take a week or more, depending on its design and size. If you need deck staining or painting after it’s been built, allow a few more days to apply and dry the finish. Our deck builders can finish the project according to your demands.

Well-maintained fences last for a lot longer