Importance of Pool Fencing

A pool fence is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It improves the appearance of your pool. It can help in reducing the risk of accidents, ensuring the safety of your children and dogs when they are near the pool. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer considering a fencing job, you must know what you’re doing. A pool fence is difficult to do correctly, and a professional pool fencing company should only do it in Jacksonville.

The most competent for a Pool fence

Every year, countless kids under the age of four drown in swimming pools in Jacksonville. That is a disturbing fact that needs to be considered carefully. Elite Fence will help to keep your family pool safe by designing and building a pool fence that not only surrounds the pool, but also includes self-closing and self-latching pool locks. Did you know that certain areas have extra safety regulations for in-ground and above-ground pools? Not only do you make an effort to secure your loved ones, but you also take care to prevent your neighbors. Small kids are fascinated by water and can drown in seconds if they fall in. Don’t risk it by using a swimming pool fencing that isn’t up to the mark.

Choose the best pool fencing Company for your loved ones.

Elite Fence Company’s pool fence is guaranteed to meet local building codes and social safety standards. A good fence forms a permanent and impenetrable boundary between your family and the pool it guards. Your pool fence should not be jumpable, and children should not be able to pass through, over, or under it to gain unsupervised access to your pool.

Get the Best Height of Fence for your Pool

Pool fences must at least be 4 feet tall according to pool safety requirements. Though many people interpret this to suggest that the panel’s real height should be 5 feet, we know it signifies something else. Your pool safety fence should be 5 feet tall or more when constructed and finished. The actual height of your fence panel will be greater than 4 feet, ensuring that the installed height meets or exceeds the code. Furthermore, your Elite fencing for the pool will not provide any possible hand or footholds that a child could utilize to climb over.

Cost to put up a pool fence

Pool fences are a common pool wall that provides both comfort and security. The typical cost of a pool fence is between $1100.00 and $1900.00. The fence length, chosen poles, paint textures, and route design are all cost elements that will affect the ultimate pricing. During a meet-up, an Elite Fence expert will assist you in determining the optimal fence design for your family to retain a good level of security and beauty while keeping within your budget. When you and our specialists design the installation of a portable fence, you want to make sure it completely prevents all pool entry points.

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Pool Fencing Cost Factors & Additions:

  • Fence height
  • The pole’s thickness
  • Selection of Coating
  • Building structures
  • Changes in size and distinctive panels
  • Finish posts and reinforcement poles are required for terminal posts
  • The installation’s location
  • Degree of personalization
  • Intricacy are all factors to consider

Choose the Fence Material for Your Swimming Pool

It’s simple to see how safe and secure you, your family, and your friends are, maybe for a reasonable price. A pool safety specialist will schedule an inspection of your pool. They will talk to you about your pool usage demands, inspect your pool area and the surrounding property, and tell you your pool fencing details. Once you’ve picked the best look and layout of fencing for your needs, they’ll put up a quotation that will help you to accomplish fantastic work.

At Elite Fence Company Jacksonville FL, you get the best fences for your pool.


Aluminum is a lighter, low-maintenance fencing material that is a good choice for pool fences due to its physical properties. It is durable and will not rot. For home aluminum pool fencing, we frequently propose Elite fencing.


Wood can create a safe pool fence in either a panel or a privacy design. Compared to aluminum, vinyl, and steel fencing, wood is a more affordable option.

Chain Link

This fence is low-cost and less maintenance required fence option. Chain link fencing is made of galvanized steel tubing and a steel wire mesh that is robust, durable, and safe. With the use of privacy slats, it can also be used as a privacy fence.


Vinyl fencing is a low-maintenance, beautiful option that comes in several shapes and colors. Vinyl fences do not require cleaning or painting and have a long lifetime.

How much patio space will my swimming pool require?

 Most residents require between 600 and 900 square feet of patio. There’s enough space for a table and chairs, several chaise seats, and a decent walking area around the pool’s circumference. Rather than dividing the patio uniformly around the pool, concentrate it in one or two places. After seeing your swimming pool area, an expert of Elite Fence will give you the exact figures.

Elite Fence Company Jacksonville, FL specializes in pool fence installation

Fence panels can be purchased from a big-box retailer. You may take that mass-produced fence material home and even put it up yourself. The trouble is that installing a fence yourself with a low-quality product is a risk to your family’s safety – not, to add, an unwise investment that could end up costing you much more money in the not-too-distant future. Swimming pool fencing installation will provide you with a stylish, high-quality fence that is correctly erected for your family’s protection. With years in the industry, we have installed countless fences for pools. We can provide you with premium fencing and installation.

Well-maintained fences last for a lot longer