A Privacy Fence Is Necessary

Every day, you escape the bustle and noise of your busy life by going home. A new privacy fence installation is recommended when you live in an urban area or when you want privacy for your pool. Various fence types can meet your needs. For privacy fencing, you can choose from a variety of materials, styles, and aesthetic features. The fence will soon provide you with privacy while you enjoy your backyard, blocking out prying eyes and allowing you to enjoy it in peace.

Why is it significant to have more privacy?

  • You want to fully utilize your patio or deck and avoid being monitored all the time. 
  • Living in an urban area or in a neighborhood with tight-knit families may present some challenges.
  • A privacy fence keeps pets secure and safe.
  • Children are well protected.
  • Fences ensure that outdoor living areas are both private and secure.

Materials, styles, and prices vary for privacy fencing

Solid privacy fences are always made from wood. A fence made of wood is extremely popular because it is affordable, stainable or paintable, natural, customizable, and, as a fencing company, it is relatively easy to repair a fence picket, post, or section. When it comes to privacy fencing, nothing compares to wood. 


Acoustically, wood absorbs outside noise. In a rural setting, wood privacy fencing looks natural. Naturally insect and rot-resistant, Cedar and Redwood can be left to weather without any staining or painting. In order to maintain its appearance, Redwood and Cedar fencing should be treated every few years with a preservative. Other fence types made from wood or composite wood are available in a variety of styles with a variety of decorative features that can be stained or painted to achieve the desired look.


Vinyl is the newest privacy fence material in the market. Panels of vinyl fencing are available. No painting or staining is needed, and they always maintain a fresh look. The low maintenance of vinyl fencing makes it costlier initially than wood fences. Private fences have never looked so good and required so little maintenance. Wood-look vinyl fencing requires little maintenance. Fencing panels for vinyl fences range in height and width from 4 to 7 feet. Vinyl is usually available in one of two colors: white or brown.

Creating privacy in your outdoor space has never been more beautiful or maintenance-free. Good-looking, low-maintenance vinyl is gaining a great level of popularity. Although initially more expensive, you should seriously consider it as a top privacy fence material choice.

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Aspects of Fencing

  • Fencing materials are different in cost, with wood being the cheapest and vinyl being the more expensive choice.
  • Customers concerned with the environment will benefit from using wood.
  • Vinyl is an extremely low-maintenance option.
  • Fencing your property will increase its value.

Fences for Privacy

You can choose from wrought iron or white picket fences that add substantial curb appeal to your home and property, as well as chain link fencing that secures a backyard for pets and children. Your fence should enhance your home’s exterior as well as provide a feeling of home and security. 

Examine your home carefully

Does it have bricks and a traditional layout, or is it low-slung and ranch-style? How about your yard? How big is it? Do you live in rural areas or in more urban areas? All of these factors are relevant to which type of fencing will serve your intended purpose and look good.

Consider your privacy needs

Are you planning on completely blocking out your neighbors and any traffic? A privacy fence with full coverage may be just what you need. Meanwhile, if you would like to be able to see outside your property line, partial coverage may be best. Fencing comes in many types, from where you can find one for your specific need.

Material and maintenance concerns?

Choosing the best fencing materials depends largely on your location, your landscaping, and what you need from it. Where are you located? Are you often hit by snow, rain, or strong winds? Chain link fencing made of non-galvanized wire or bare aluminum are good choices. You can save money in the long run by choosing materials that suit your property. Even though every fence requires some maintenance, the appropriate type of installation will require considerably less maintenance.

What’s the price? 

The cost of home improvements is a concerning matter for most homeowners. Chain link fencing is a simple, but durable, and functional choice for those on a budget. If you opt for a more expensive fence, your home and property will become both more valuable and aesthetically pleasing. So, what’s your preference? A well-made fence can make a house look its best.

A traditional home fence

A wrought iron fence or a fence that looks like it is made of aluminum is often the perfect choice if you have an older, traditional home constructed of brick or stone. Adding a bit of privacy to your home with this partial privacy fence has a distinct look.

Farm fencing

In a rural area, is there anything more indicative of country living than split rail fencing? Using this kind of fence to mark your property lines is very affordable if you have a large property. Animals can’t escape through this kind of fence. Vinyl fencing is also there for this purpose.

A ranch home fence

Despite ranch-style homes being less distinctive than others, a good fence can really make a noticeable difference. A wood or vinyl privacy fence or some accent fencing would be perfect for this type of home. 

The front of the home often gets special attention, since homeowners prefer to place the best fence at the front. If you don’t mind a simpler type surrounding the back of your home, you can save substantial money in costs of materials and installation. 

Elite Fence Company Jacksonville is happy to assist you in selecting a fence, materials, and installation that will suit your needs, whatever your fencing needs are.

Well-maintained fences last for a lot longer