Do I need a vinyl fence?

Take the time to think about all your options if you are considering a new fence. Most people only think about installing a wooden or chain link fence. Because that’s what their neighbors have or what they’re most familiar with. You might need to upgrade to a vinyl fence instead.

A Vinyl Fence's Value

Standard wood fencing has many disadvantages compared to vinyl fencing. Are you wondering if vinyl is suited to you? Here are things that might help you reconsider:

Great Apparel

A vinyl fence will update the look of your home and property and will last longer. The durability of vinyl makes it a great fencing material, and it will last for many years. During the course of time, however, wood fences will deteriorate and start to wither away.


Wood fences require constant painting, staining, and other maintenance to maintain their strength. Unlike wood, vinyl fences require no extensive care. A vinyl fence takes little to no maintenance at all. Stains, seals, and other forms of protection have no need to be applied to it – and regardless of what you do with it, it will last much longer than a wood fence.

Longer life expectancy 

Vinyl fence is durable to last a long while. When you purchase vinyl fencing for your home. You’re getting a fence that will literally last as long as it surrounds your home. Vinyl fences won’t rot, break down, or be brittle over time. This can be the only expense you’ll ever spend on having fences built.

Increased strength 

Vinyl fences are not only one of the most durable materials, but they are also one of the strongest when it comes to resisting damage. Flexible vinyl resists impacts and pressure more effectively than wood, which would harm wooden fences. Furthermore, it doesn’t sag, lean, or swell and contracts when the temperature varies like wood. It’s also weightless and more temperature-stable in comparison to wood.

Best Time to Replace?

Vinyl fencing has a number of advantages over wood, so you might wonder how to determine when to upgrade.

Fences made of hardwood generally last between 10 and 15 years, with cedar lasting slightly longer than pine and other softwoods. Getting it replaced with a new fence should be your top priority. If you keep an older fence around past that age, the wood will rot and degrade, thereby causing more problems.

There are some situations where you might see damages, like leaning, sagging, and rotting, while the normal decade has not yet ended. When this happens, wooden fences can be repaired instead of replaced – but upgrading is still a better option in many cases. The longer you repair large sections of your fence, the sooner your fence will fall apart. Another possibility is that the fence could look half-new and half-weathered, which is always unpleasant.

Last but not least, you may want to consider switching over to vinyl if you plan to sell your house. Home values and curb appeal are enhanced by a vinyl fence. You can use vinyl’s advantages to help sell your home, and it will improve the appearance of your home.

Likewise, nothing prevents you from upgrading your fence by waiting till summer. Fences can be installed by Elite Fence Jacksonville all year long.

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Installing a Vinyl Fence: 7 tips

Fence installation is something we know well, having installed more than 100 miles in the Jacksonville area. The popularity of vinyl fencing might make you want to install one on your property. 

Installable year-round

In the fall and winter, we are frequently asked if we can install fences. We do install them in all seasons. In contrast to wood fencing, which expands and contracts in extreme weather conditions, vinyl fencing remains functional throughout the year. Our team can install your fence in the most professional way.

Quick Installs

In addition to the ease of installation, vinyl fences feature a fast and affordable installation process. Installing them is faster and easier, in comparison wood fences are heavier and need more work. The lighter posts also cause some damage to your lawn. But it doesn’t do as much damage as heavy posts like wooden posts.


Choosing these fences is the best option if you have a dog or cat in your backyard. A vinyl fence can even be installed below ground level to prevent your pets from digging underneath it and is resilient to prevent scratching and jumping damage. In contrast to wood boards, these boards will never rot or degrade, meaning your pets and home are protected for years to come.

Ideal Pool Fence

Vinyl pool fences are the best option if you’re installing one. Vinyl fences are resistant to the wear and tear caused by water common to other pool fences. As opposed to wood fences that start to swell and get damaged by splashing water and pool chemicals. Unlike a wood fence, it won’t need painting or staining for an extended period of time. As a result, you won’t have to close your pool to do fence maintenance, and you won’t need to worry about fence stains.

Durable & long lasting

Whenever we install vinyl fencing, we ensure that it’s built to last. As a result of this, the posts are sunk three feet into the ground instead of the usual two feet. Furthermore, concrete is used around every post to increase its stability. Additionally, our fence posts are constructed of durable, purpose-built vinyl, not simply vinyl sleeves on wood posts.

Warranty Included

Elite Fence Company Jacksonville offers many benefits beyond great vinyl fences installed by experienced installers. You will receive lifetime support and care. Besides that, we include a warranty with our vinyl products, and we even provide a transferrable warranty if you decide to sell your home. 

Well-maintained fences last for a lot longer