Why Choose A Wood Fence?

If you’re in the market for a new wood fence in Jacksonville, you’re in the right place!  Wood fencing is an excellent option that offers natural beauty and versatility. Here are some of the reasons why this popular choice is perfect for your property:

  1. Without a doubt, utilizing wood to enhance your property’s appearance will bring an invigorating warmth and appeal. With its numerous colors and styles available, you are sure to find one that complements the look of home while simultaneously satisfying your individual tastes!
  2. With customization options, wood fences can be tailored to meet your individual desires and needs. Consider a host of styles, like picket fencing for vintage vibes or ranch-style boards for an alluring rustic touch; whatever it is you’re looking for, creating a unique wooden fence design customized with various materials will give your property the perfect aesthetic!
  3. Wood provides an extended life-span, and with the appropriate maintenance procedures, a wood fence can last for years. Applying a paint or varnish will help protect your structure from rotting due to moisture infiltration, as well as other potential issues like insect damage—guaranteeing that your barrier is in superb condition for decades ahead.
  4. If you are looking to add value and attraction to your property, a well-maintained wood fence is the perfect option. Not only does it expand its aesthetic appeal, but also provides security and privacy for those who wish to enjoy their outdoor space in peace. Furthermore, a wooden fence brings an element of order and structure that can help create a more pleasurable atmosphere where activities like entertaining guests or just spending some time alone become experiences of leisurely joy.

If you’re seeking to increase the worth, beauty, and flexibility of your property, wood fencing is an ideal choice for you. Don’t be reluctant to opt for this timeless and attractive fence option – it’s a decision that’ll bring lasting rewards!

Privacy fence that is wood

Why Hire Us For A Wood Fence Installation?

If you’re done with looking at the same old fence surrounding your property, it’s time to upgrade and add some value to your Jacksonville residence! With a stunningly engineered wood fence from Elite Fence Company, not only can you beautify and spruce up your outdoor area but also enjoy its performance for years to come. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today for all of your wood fencing installation needs!

Here are several reasons to consider our Jacksonville fence company:

  1. Boasting years of expertise, we are the authorities in wood fence installation. Our team is armed with the necessary knowledge and abilities to securely set up your fencing for optimal strength and longevity.
  2. At our company, we understand the importance of quality materials that will stand up to anything Mother Nature throws your way. As a result, we refuse to settle for cheap and flimsy fences. Our team is passionate about providing you with only the finest wood and hardware so your fence remains strong despite any weather conditions. By selecting top-notch materials, we ensure your fence lasts longer than expected!
  3. From the classic picket fence to more exclusive designs, we offer a variety of styles and looks that will not only meet your requirements but also beautify your property. Whether you desire privacy or aesthetic charm, our wood fences are certain to exceed expectations.
  4. At our business, providing excellent customer service is one of the main pillars we adhere to. We realize that your happiness and contentment are essential components in attaining success, which is why we collaborate closely with you throughout the entire fence installation process. Your satisfaction and budgetary preferences will always be taken into account so that the end result meets (and exceeds!) all of your expectations!

Time is of the essence, so don’t delay! Reach out to us today and book a free consultation—we’ll help you create an exquisite outdoor atmosphere with a magnificent wood fence in Jacksonville.

Materials Used For Wooden Fences

With so many materials to choose from for your wooden fence, it can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’re here to help simplify the process! Here’s a rundown of some popular options and their associated benefits and drawbacks:

From classic cedar to cost-effective composite, your ideal fence material awaits you. With such a vast selection of luscious woods and composites available on the market, it’s easy to tailor your wooden fence according to preference as well as budget. Reach out today so that we may explore all the potential materials with you!

Wood Fencing Types

Ready to take your outdoor area to the next level with a stunning wooden fence? You may be overwhelmed when deciding which style is right for you, but we have all the information you need! These are some of the most favored types of wooden fences and their advantages and disadvantages:

With the various styles of wooden fence on offer, you can be sure to find a type that perfectly suits your personal preferences and needs. Even better, aside from its practical advantages, such as providing privacy or defining boundaries in your property– it will also add charm and value to your home!

Fence options for wooden fencing

Wood Fence Installation in Jacksonville